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Lucky Lil' Patty Girl's    ...    "Lucky Charms"

You can't get much Luckier than getting one of these Little Sweetheart "Charms" — adorable!
Happy St. Patty's Day

Christmas 2010 [Patty as a Reindeer with her three Boys]

    Christmas 2010 — Patty, the cutest "Little Reindeer" ever pictured with her three deers [ooops, I mean dears! LOL] . Wouldn't you love to have one of these prancing on your ROOFTOP! Well you can't have Patty — She's Mine ... however Patty's sweet little ones just spent their 1st Christmas Holiday in their new "Forever Homes". Romeo is in NE Philadelphia, Pa. with Sonia R., Ace is living in Cincinnati, Ohio with Pam and Gizmo is living with Bette in Meshoppen, Pa. Thank you all for sending me pictures to make a wonderful Christmas collage of Patty and her Boys. Wishing you all a Happy Holiday and Wonderful New Year!

Below: Hollingberry's Dams & Sire showing off their Christmas Finest! So Cute!

Holiday Greetings from Hollingberry Yorkies Holly Image

2009 Christmas [Patty - Madison - GiGi]

    Christmas 2009 — Patty, Madison & GiGi showing off their holiday outfits. Christmas was an exciting time for the girls with decorations, a Christmas tree, presents, visitors and much wrapping paper and boxes to play with. They were delighted with all the activity and excitement during this time. I think they too gained a little extra weight due to everyone giving them holiday treats!

Holly Image

2009 Halloween [Patty - Madison - GiGi]

Halloween 2009 — Washed Out!

    Despite the bad weather, [extremely heavy rain and thunder] trick-or-treaters still managed to dodge the raindrops and follow through with the Halloween tradition of going from door-to-door dressed in outrageous costumes. The girls had a lot of fun seeing the scary costumes arriving at our door and YES there was a lot of barking and tail wagging! Both Patty and Madison enjoyed buzzing around the house like a bumble bee while GiGi pulled off the pirate outfit perfectly. [GiGi is known for taking things that are not hers! LOL] Just for fun GiGi dressed as an Elf, I suppose she is getting ready for Christmas. Madison also managed to put a little time in as a Rooster and yes she does a rooster dance also which consists of her standing in place and kicking out her hind legs repeatedly, just like a Rooster. [She's just too funny!] By the end of the night, she was all "clucked out"!

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