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Portfolio & Pedigrees



"AKC Multi-Internationally CH-Bred Belarus Import" WillowRose is an absolute perfect example of the gorgeous lines she came from. I am so blessed to have this little girl. She definite has all the wonderful attributes one would want in a Yorkie, however she goes way beyond the Show Ring. This little angle is almost a Soul Mate to me. I honestly don't think I or she could possibility get any closer. Whether I'm working at my computer, cooking, relaxing or going somewhere ... Willow is sure to be there (even in the bathroom ... lol ). Willow uses her paw to take my arm and make me rub her belly. She is too cute. I am hoping Willow will bring all her unique and wonderful qualities into each puppy she whelps. Count your blessings if you are lucky enough to have a puppy from one of her litters. Don't miss out on one of her puppies. Contact us and Get on our Wait List.

Will has a nice even topline, a gorgeous blue and gold silk coat

Willow and Meeko (and/or) I am hoping to mate — If there will be puppies they would be due in August.

Please get on a Wait List — Don't miss out on having the Puppy of Your Dreams.

See Willow's AKC Pedigree



Abigale Rose

"AKC Multi-Internationally CH-Bred Hungarian Import" Abigale Rose is an absolute perfect little Yorkie. Abbey was sold to me as a "Show Prospect" and albeit I don't show my dogs, it is a true honor to have such a high quality girl as her. She is perfect in every way. Abbey is the kind of girl that Yorkies are so loved for ... she is a Princess and requires being treated as such. She is mellow, sweet and has a personality that shines through as "Princess" ... like "carry me up and down the stairs", "take me wherever you go" (but I don't want to walk on a leash like a dog) I want to be carried so everyone will see that I am a true Princess. Okay maybe I have spolied her somewhat but honestly can you say she doesn't deserve the Royal Treatment.

Abbey has a nice even topline, a gorgeous blue and gold silk coat

Abbey and Meeko (and/or) Zack were mated — Puppies due Mid-June 2017.

Please get on a Wait List — Don't miss out on having the Puppy of Your Dreams.

See Abbey's AKC Pedigree




"AKC Multi-Internationally CH-Bred Hungarian Import" Rosey is as beautiful as any Rose could be.

Rosey comes in a small compact body weighing in at around 4.5#. She has beautiful thick straight silk hair. Rosey is of the blue and tan color. Her blue is very dark but may still lighten as Yorkies can take up to two years to get their true coloring. Rosey has a great little shape and sports the shorter legs so she can not be use as a "show prospect" but then again that is fine with me as I am looking to breed beautiful healthy well tempered Yorkies and she definitely possesses all those traits.

Rosey will be mated with either our Multi-Internationally Ch-Bred Mojo or his son, Zack. Either will make an excellent contribution to her puppies.

If you are looking for the Puppy of your Dreams, look no further ...
Your won't find better quality puppies with beautiful looks and great temperaments.

Contact me if you are interested in being placed on our Wait List.

See Rosey's AKC Pedigree




Zack is Hollingberry's very own homegrown sweetheart. He is sired by our Multi-International AKC Mojo and his dam is GiGi also a champion bred girl. Please see their pedigrees to understand the beautiful lineage this gorgeous guy comes from. Zack is also a little guy weighing in around 4.5# but he is a solid guy and is of a smaller stature. He has a beautiful topline, possess a wonderful silk coat and has a temperament that is fitting for the nicest of Yorkies ever. Zack has proven that he like his sire, Mojo, can get the job done.

Zack has proven himself to be a great stud ... beautiful babies will be a guarantee.

Zack has been DNA profiled and "Stud Service" is provided to responsible breeding kennels.

All bitches must test negative for Brucella no earlier than 3 weeks prior to mating.

See Zack's AKC Pedigree



Patty — "Lucky Lil Patty Girl"
is a real sweetheart. Like a bit of sunshine she will brighten and warm you on those less than perfect days. Generous kisses are always forthcoming and I can always count on more than my fair share. Patty is very intelligent, enjoys playing and chasing with the other animals and anyone willing to play; however Patty is mellow enough to entertain herself, never getting into trouble. She loves keeping me company and lays on her back to get her daily belly rubbing. See looks at me with a sweetness that's not to compare ... she's my special girl.

PUPPIES whelped — February 11, 2011 [3 Girls & 1 Boy] ...
Sired by Multi-International Champion Bred "Mojo" — see MoJo below.

As our "Alpha Girl" she keeps the others in line.

See Patty's AKC Pedigree

Additional Pictures



Madison — "Sheza Madison Avenue Viza Girl"

Madison is a combination of gorgeous looks and great personality, all packaged in a mere 4-1/2 pounds. Her sire's CH. pedigree bloodlines are from the World Famous Cartier Kennels; her dam is daughter of CH. Gold Dusts "Imagine Me" — Durrer bloodlines, which also include "Judabob", "Briely" & "Rothby" bloodlines. As you can see Madison has beautiful lineage and its shows right down to her silky blue/tan coat and comes through in the way she prances in lieu of walking. Show quality is written all over her.

Madison is due to be mated possibly this March — check back often so as not to miss out on having one of her champion line pups.

Madison's puppies will have show potential.

See Madison's AKC Pedigree

Additional Pictures



GiGi — "Hollingberrys™ Gold Dusts GiGi"

GiGi is daughter to Durrer's Ch. Gold Dusts "Imagine Me". Her pedigree also consists of World Renown "Judabob", "Briely" & "Rothby" bloodlines. As you can see she is quite beautiful. She has a sweet face, beautiful thick silky hair and a temperament that's almost unheard of for a yorkie. Her personality is adventurous and she is a vivacious little girl bringing joy and laughter to all who witness her playful antics. She is a rolly-polly sweetheart that loves to play enjoying all the attention she can get from her fans.

GiGi is due to be mated January 2011. GiGi will be mated with our new stud "MoJo" a Multi-Internationally Bred Champion Yorkie. GiGi's pedigree together with "MoJo" outstanding European Champion lineage will produce some of the finest quality yorkies to be found. GiGi's definitely one of a kind and her pups will be too. She'll whelp the much sought after teacups and her
puppies will be charting between 4-7 lbs. Don't miss out on a gentle sweet-   
heart of a pup. Check back often for availability of puppies and pictures!        

PUPPIES — to whelp June 6, 2011 [Pictures Soon!] ...          
Sired by Multi-International Champion Bred "Mojo" — See Mojo Below .          

See GiGi's AKC Pedigree

Additional Pictures


MoJo - Our New Stud

MoJo — "Hollingberrys™ Sweet Dreamy MoJo"
   Multi-International Champion Bred "Stud"

HollingberryYorkies™ would like to Introduce "MoJo" our first Sire. MoJo has exceptional European Champion Lineage ... is AKC registered and DNA profiled.

MoJo currently weights 4.75# and sports the desirable silk blue/gold hair.

"MoJo" is an extremely sweet and mellow little stud. He has personality galore and either 'Playful' or 'Happy' should have been his name. He's absolutely gorgeous and was bred to the AKC Champion Standards. Please take the time to view his Prestigious Champion Lineage — Its truly amazing. Adding "MoJo" to our Breeding Program should prove as his name means "Good Luck". I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful dog.

When paired with Hollingberry's Dams we expect only the finest quality puppies. All puppies to be the much sought after blue/gold silk hair teacups weighing at the lower end of the AKC Yorkshire Terrier standards. All puppies are expected to have even temperaments, happy dispositions, sweet adorable faces while possessing all the wonderful attributes Yorkies are so well loved for.

So, if you are looking for a quality puppy, look no further.

You TOO can have the Puppy of your DREAMS

Contact us to get on our "Wait List" or for more info.

See pictures, bio & AKC Pedigree for "Sweet Dreamy MoJo"


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