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A-Maze-ing Yorkie         Maze Challenge Discount
A-Maze-ing Yorkie       "Wall of Fame"

A-Maze-ing Yorkie ...
a challenging puzzle maze
(Solve "Maze" to get $100.00 Discount off Puppy Purchase)
Maze Challenge Discount

Rosemary Bennington & co-worker, Deborah A. Esposito!
"First" A-Maze-Ing Yorkie Puzzle Winners! . . . Click to View

Challenge yourself and save $100 off to spend on toys, treats or anything to spoil your little Yorkie!

Complete Maze Puzzle for $100 discount

A-Maze-ing Yorkie ... is a challenging puzzle designed to look like a piece of "Swiss Cheese" that will keep you guessing which way to turn next. Locate 6 mice, one chunk of "Swiss Cheese" in the right order, then give the "Doggie a Bone" and continue to $100 Discount area. If you are a great puzzle solver you too will be amazed when you are issued a $100 discount off the purchase of one of our "Sweet Yorkie Puppies".

Once you have completed the puzzle, you will forward the results back to us and will be given a $100 discount off the price of your chosen puppy. Instructions for our "A-Mazing-Yorkie" puzzle are listed below. Get started now and save $100 that you can use towards spoiling and pampering your new little puppy.

I have always enjoyed mazes and believe with hard work there comes reward. If you choose to take our challenge and are successful in solving my A-Maze-ing Yorkie puzzle, your reward will not only be a $100 discount but you will also be listed on our "Wall of Fame" ... an honor to all who have the tenacity and intelligence for problem solving.

Good Luck and of course enjoy the challenge.

Our "A-Maze-ing Yorkie" puzzle:

Maze Challenge

A-Maze-ing Yorkie rules:

     The challenge is to collect all six mice first. Our mascot yorkie, Holli Berry, will traverse the maze with your help. She will start at the "Letter Y" and continue in a forward direction to the next mouse. Always moving forward, never doubling back will keep you going in the right direction.

     After collecting all six mice you will then continue on to the large chunk of "Swiss Cheese". Nibble if you so choose as the journey has been long and tiring. A little repose and be on your way.

     Don't forget to give the "Doggie a Bone" before finishing in the "Discount Arena".

Detailed Instructions:

       Right-click on our "A-Maze-ing Yorkie" Maze and click "copy image".
       Now go to your computer screen and click on "start" located at the bottom-left of your computer.
       Then go to and click "Programs" — go to "Accessories" and open "Paint".
       On top bar choose "Edit" and click on "Paste"
             Your puzzle will appear in the paint box.
       Choose the "Magnifying Glass" and increase puzzle size to"6"
             This will make the puzzle large enough for you to find and trace your way through the puzzle.
       Choose a bright color from the "Color Box" located in "View"
       Choose the "Pencil Tool" to trace your way through our "A-Maze-ing Yorkie Maze".
       Once you have completed and are satisfied with your results you will save and email a copy to us.
       Click "Save As" and type "A-Maze-ing Yorkie" puzzle and save to your document folder.
       E-mail finished puzzle by attaching this "saved puzzle" from your document folder.
       Forward to:   dhollingberry@gmail.com
       "Subject Line" should read "A-Maze-ing Yorkie" puzzle