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About Us and our "Yorkshire Terriers"

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AKC Limited Registration [companion pet only] — unless in written contract

Size of your puppy will be between 4 & 6-1/2 lbs — meeting the AKC standard for "Toy Size"

Hypoallergenic Puppies — [no undercoat / therefore no dander allergens]

2-Year Health Guarantee — [No known genetic disorders in our breeders]

Shipping available anywhere in the Continental United States

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Founded on the love and passion my mommy has for all animals ...

especially us little "Yorkie" girls.
I'll let her tell the rest of the story while I chill for awhile.

Mom's Story:

    Having raised two beautiful daughters who recently graduated college and finding myself as an empty-nester, it became clear the dreams I once had of pursuing a career working with animals could now become a life-changing reality.

    My love and care for these little yorkies, a/k/a "My Girls", is actually no different than if I were raising my own daughters. Every day is special when I wake and greet them in the morning. (Yes, they do sleep in their own crates at night in sweet little beds. Each has their own and knows which is theirs). Hollingberry does not have or keep a so-called kennel environment known as, puppy mills or back yard breeding. My girls are free to run and play throughout our home; they are part of our family and as such participate in all family activities.

    My girls are groomed daily and given baths once a week. Yorkies absolutely love the one on one bonding with me as they get groomed and pampered. Once finished eating and getting  pretty, playtime begins. Individual time is given to each of our Yorkie girls which consists of training to do simple tricks such as sit, beg, lay down, roll over etc. They love these tricks as they are games to them and of course the treats are always a plus. Outdoor time is essential, weather permitting. Daily walks to the park or a ride in the car is a favorite of theirs. There is much to do but not really much different than raising children. Visits to the vet, play time, rest time, feed time, cuddle time and bedtime. As with children, sometimes I am exhausted at the end of the day, but would have it no other way.

    I no longer feed commercial pet food, after my cat needlessly suffered serious health problems related to his diet. I now choose to raise my animals in a holistic environment and feed all my pets (cats & dogs) a "Raw Diet". It is my belief after doing much research that commercial grade food is unfit and causes disease, death and huge vet/medical expenses for the owner and much suffering for your pets. If you are interested in providing the best start and healthy life for your puppy and would like additional information about providing a "Raw Diet" there will be a link under Health/Care (Feeding). All puppies once weaned will be placed on a premium holistic puppy food; you will be given a proportional amount of transitional food so as not to upset your puppy's digestive tract. We are currently looking into becoming a supplier of holistic puppy/dog foods. You will be able to purchase your food directly from our site making it easier and more accessible for you to buy.

    As you can see our breeding program is designed to provide the best possible puppies for you, "our customers". This can only be achieved by starting with top quality dogs. We choose our Yorkie breeders primarily from champion lines. World famous kennel lines such as "Judabob", "Briely", "Rothby" and "Durrer". Two of our girls are from Champion sire, "Gold Dusts Imagine Me" — Durrer line. Beautiful pedigrees follow our puppies. There is no known history of genetic disorders associated with any of our Yorkie breeders. We then match our girls to appropriate studs from quality bloodlines or long-standing champion lines to enhance the positive traits that are "So Yorkie". Premium veterinarian care is started and continues through to whelping of puppies. Mom and puppies will be given a clean bill of health and puppies will have tails docked and dew claws removed at about 3 days of age. Puppy shots & worming will then follow. As they begin to grow and start venturing out away from mom, a new and exciting world begins. This is where we really start with socialization, individual and group play, introduction to kibble, finding their way to litter pads, enjoying outdoor weather if seasonally agreeable but still kept from areas where they may contract diseases until they are old enough and have their shots to take a walk, etc.

    Before your puppy comes to you he/she will again be Vet checked to ensure his/her overall health, have all necessary shots/worming and be approved to be shipped if necessary. Hollingberry takes every measure to ensure your Yorkie puppy will come to you free of any illnesses/diseases or parasites. He/she will be freshly groomed and healthy and ready to start life as part of your family. All vet records and AKC registration papers will be given to you together with a "Great Beginnings" puppy gift package.

"All Puppies are Part of our Family — until They become Part of Yours"

    Please know that each and every one of our puppies are like our children and with that we also know the time will come for our little sweethearts to leave and become an essential part of your family and hopefully a good neighbor in society. Thank you for visiting with us.

Donna c/o HollingberryYorkies.com

Hollingberry's Madison

As you can see we are well loved, have the best food & medical, are well socialized and get to play throughout our day. It is often said we look like such happy dogs. Well of course we do, why shouldn't we when we get the best of everything.