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About Your "Yorkie" Puppy

  • Dedicated to Excellence in breeding our treasured Yorkshire Terriers. "Quality — not Quantity, is our Goal"
  • We strive for healthy, robust well-tempered puppies that meet the AKC standards.
  • We maintain the best possible environment for the growth and welfare of our "Yorkshire Terriers".
  • We ensure good health, all our dogs (including puppies) remain current for immunizations / wormings and have regular veterinarian check-ups / physicals.
  • Socialization is started with both domestic animals & people. All of our dogs & puppies live in our home and participate in daily activities.
  • Indoor Litter Training is started and is easily transitioned into your home. (Please inquire about continuing this training if interested)
  • We provide all our breeding dogs 'home-made meals and / or raw diet'. As a breeder and lover of animals my feeding preference came to be after witnessing the devastating effects of commerical foods on both my cats and dogs. All puppies however will be provided a premium holistic puppy food unless otherwise stated by you to provide homemade food which will be continued by you once you receive your puppy. Should you be interested in 'home-made meals or raw diet' I will provide information and links for you.
  • We do not provide a "Microchip" unless the puppy is being shipped and you request to have it done. (There will be an additional charge for this service)
  • Shipping via Air and Door-to-Door is available but will be dependant upon the age / size of the puppy and weather conditions. (Delays may be necessary) HollingberryYorkies™  will keep you update should there be any delay.
  • We will provide you with continued support once you receive your puppy. This can be obtained through "Articles of Interest" and "Articles of Health Care", or by emailing us directly with any questions you may have.
  • For your convenience & safety we provide payments through PayPal. If you do not have an account, it is a fairly simply procedure to sign up for. PayPal accepts all major credit cards, debt cards and checking accounts.
  • We accept deposits ($500 — non-refundable) to hold a puppy of your choice once pictures are listed.
    ——  A ($500 — deposit) for "Wait-List" is available and encourage you to avail yourself of this option as puppies are usually on hold prior to pictures being posted.
    ——  Please only make a deposit if you are serious about purchasing one of our puppies.
    ——  "Wait List" advantage -- choice of either female or male puppy based on first-come basis.
    ——  Prior to deposit we will inform you of your placement in order for your to make an informed decision.
  • We offer companion pets, show quality (potential) & breeder puppies (to approved kennels), limited & full registration and priced accordingly. All puppies will be sold as companion pets with limited registration unless agreed upon prior to purchase.
  • All puppies come with a full 2-year health certification from time of whelping.

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