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Congratulations Roxy ...
in Finding your
Forever Home with the Kays



Roxy Coco,
Hi Donna:
I cannot tell you how much we love 'Roxy' aka 'Mini.' Her formal name is 'La Miniature Roquette' and by now she has about 10 names, as do all our other pets.
   We took her to our vet on Tuesday and Mini/Roxy cleared everything. We introduced her to our groomer, who loves her already (who doesn't).
   She has integrated beautifully with all the other pets. She sleeps with us at night, which always includes Coco and Clemence, and sometimes, Pickle our cat. No accidents at night.
   She has a new boyfriend, 'Bodie' — the Australian shepherd dog on the 'other side of the fence' in the front of our home and she loves to 'talk' to him on her walks; which are fairly frequent. The first time she saw Bodie, I learned that she could squeal. We always walk her on a lead as she wants to visit 'Bodie' on every walk ... which distracts her from the biz of doing her biz. Her squeal has now turned into her bark now that she is in courtship. She is not at all interested in Bodie's bichon sister Izzy. Only Bodie.
   We are keeping her top knot. How could we not. It goes along with her size, attitude, and the fact that she is BEAUTIFUL.
   She is so loved! I knew it probably broke your heart to leave her here. But she is an important part of our pack, and her main vet told her she was 'lucky' because if she has problems, our vet knows we will be on top of this and give her every chance, as we are doing with Coco.
   It is so obvious you do a beautiful job as a breeder. Because as a human being it must have been very hard to let her go, we want you to know that she is so so loved and everything is going very well, and she is cared for and even protected by her 'sisters' although they have had to make an adjustment to 3 lbs of feistiness!
   Just wanted you to know. In the meantime, right now, the three terriers are asleep on Matt's lap in the family room.

Thank you, Donna.

The Kays are just ecstatic to bring Roxy into their family. After doing a Meet & Greet to see if Roxy would fit into their family the Kays were thrill to see how easily Coco, Clemence and Roxy got along. They played in a typical Yorkie fashion and much fun was had watching their antics. Needless to say Roxy is now in her forever home and will be cared for by two of the most wonderful and loving people I could ever had hope for. Many thanks Matt for calling and carefully choosing Roxy to be your little girl. She will bring you and your family many happy years. I look forward to receiving pictures and updates on all your little ones.

* * *

Congrats "Roxy" on finding your "Forever Home" with the Kays!

The Kays — Gladwyne, Pa.
February 2015




Congratulations "ZOEY" ...
on Finding your Forever Home
with Michael, Sandi and Haley Bowes



Donna, ... we are so looking forward to welcoming Zoey into our family. She will be loved and cared for so you can rest easy knowing that she is in a good home.

Update:   Donna, Our appointment time is 9:45 so we will more than likely see you at the vet ... wonderful!!! Thank you so much for all that you did to make welcoming Zoey so easy. We greatly appreciate all that you have done. Zoey is adapting quickly and seems very happy in her new home. So far, she has gone everywhere with us and it has been a joy having her. We couldn't be happier :-) See you on the 18th!
Regards, Sandi

Met with Mike and Sandi at the Women's Humane Society for Zack and Zoey's 3rd immunizations. It was so great getting to see both of you but most importantly little Zoey. She did really well with her immunizations and weighed in at 2.9#. Thank you for scheduling your appointment so I would be able to see her again. She is really a sweet little girl and has found an awesome famility to grow with. Take care and look forward to future opportunities to meet up with all of you again. Take care for now. Donna

* * *

Congrats "Zoey" on finding your "Forever Home" with the Bowes Family!

Mike & Sandi Bowes — Levittown, Pa.
March 2014




Congratulations Kim Family ...
and Gracie
Finding your Forever Home



Pix Pix Update - February 3, 2015:   Hi Donna, How are you? Gracie is the love of our family and is now a part of us. It's like we've never been without her. She LOVES the kids and is so playful with them. I would be more than happy to talk to future puppy owners. I have attached a current picture of Gracie. We did decide to keep her hair short.

Update - January 2014:   Donna This is a picture of Gracie resting next to me as I cook. She follows me around and always sits and lays by my legs. Gracie has become so attached to me in this short time that I now have to watch where I step bc she is ALWAYS right by my feet. She begs me to sit so she can sit on my lap. We took a nap together. She cried a bit, more like a howl, last night when I first put her in the crate but after about 10 minutes she went to sleep.

She is doing wonderful! She now poops and pees on the grass (only if she is in the gated area so I try to time it). I'm sure she will slowly learn to go there even when she has more free time around the house. She is warming up to the kids (especially Emily). Jeremiah is taking his time bc he's afraid he'll frighten her. Gracie actually whimpered looking for them after they left for school. She is attached to my hips and loves to nap on my heated blanket. Please email me anytime. Ashley

* * *

Congrats "Gracie" on finding your "Forever Home" with the Kim Family!

Ashley & Joe Kim — Harleysville, Pa.
January 2014




Congratulations to the Lee Family!
Andrew, Kim and Jenny



  Sophie is now residing with the Lee family in Chalfont, Pennsylvania and will now be called "Coco". Andrew tells me his wife, Kim, has been looking at my website for the last two years waiting to get a Yorkie puppy for their daughter, Jenny and finally the day has arrived. I look forward to getting updates and pictures of Coco as she continues to grow and become a true member of the Lee family. Congrats again.
* * *

Congrats "Sophie" on finding your "Forever Home" and making "the Lee Family's Dreams Come True!"

Andrew, Kim & Jenny — Chalfont, PA
September 29, 2013




Happy Birthday Ethan!
Two Knicks Fans — LOL



Update:   Hi Donna Everything is going well, Jack doesn't like to be left alone at all :) ... We definitely want to see you again and I know jack as well will love to. He will just have to adjust to everything, but he follows me everywhere in the house ... he is adorable. We even had him in our bed last night as we watched the game, my husband and Ethan are ecstatic with jack so am I, Thank you for the pics they were lovely. I will look into the informative link for training. Thanks for everything you're such a great person and for giving us such a healthy pet. Thats exactly what I was looking for, a good person to breed my baby. God bless you and your family always. Happy Holidays and be blessed. PS if I have any questions I will definatly get in contact with you:)
* * *

Congrats "Jack" on finding your "Forever Home" and making "Ethan's Birthday" the best!

Denise Ocasio — Staten Island, NY
December 18,2012




Waiting for over 2 Years —
A Thoughtful & Kind Breeder!


Note: Tara has been waiting for over 2 Years to get a Hollingberry Yorkie. She is currently studying for her Vet Tech degree, she loves all animals, was a breeder and a rescue person. Tara and her family have much love to go around. Congratulations Tara on your new home, schooling and for bringing Woody into a family with so much love and lots of room to run and play with both your kids and other animals.

"Hey Donna! Thanks so very much for everything! Woody is doing wonderful! He never leaves my side lol if i walk into another room, he cries for me. Too cute! He also loves playing hide & seek with JR. Its adorable! We are truly so very happy to have him a part of our family. My dreams finally came true :-) "

We loved the goodie bag for Woody :-) Words truly can't express how thankful we all are! You are such a thoughtful kind hearted person :-)

Hope all is well and will talk soon! Thanks again! :-)

Tara & Mike Waller— Cochranville, PA
August 26, 2012




Happy Birthday Betty —
Enjoy your little boy, Casey!


Update:   Hi Donna, Casey got his first hair cut on 8-29-12, pictures are attached (See Above Collage) from this weekend. His second doctor visit was on 8-13-12 for intermediate medical service, DAPPv, corona, L, L4, Kennel Cough (Intra-Trac) and vaccines given were Lyme, LeptoVax 4, Rabies, Bordetella and Distemper (DHPP). I hope you know what all that stuff means. His weight went from 3.3 lbs. on 7-20-12 to 4.6 lbs. on 8-13. New front bottom teeth are coming in. The vet said he is doing fine and in good health. He is now a full family member in good standing, Betty and I love him more each day and could not be more pleased with him.
All our best, Ken & Betty — September 2012

'Betty, Ken & Casey 7-14-2012.JPG'    Click Picture to Enlarge
Note: Ally, daughter of Ken and Betty Shaw found and choose Hollingberry Yorkies as the breeder of the long wished for Yorkie her Mom has always wanted. Betty received Casey for her birthday. Happy Birthday Betty!

"Thank you so much Donna! It was so great meeting you and your beautiful daughter, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. My mom and dad are having so much fun with Casey, my mom is in love and so happy (I knew she would be!). Thanks to you she has a little buddy to hang out with. She said she played outside the other day with him for an hour, Casey loved doing "froggy legs" laying belly down in the cool grass! I'll be sure to pass your name along to anyone I know looking to buy a Yorkie! Thanks for all your effort and hard work! It shows in everything you do!"
Allyson Cooney — July 18, 2012

* * *
Update: Hi Donna, Casey is doing fine, his visit to the vet on July 20 went well, his testicles have not come down yet but everything else was fine. Weight was 3-1/2 lbs. The other tests and shots were Intermediate Medical Service, DAPPvCorona, Fecal Flotation, and Giardia (Elisa). The next appoinngtment is August 13. He sleeps in his crate, in the kitchen, and does not cry or bark through the night. We take him out for a walk around 6:00 AM. He is eating well, loves his toys and has been a joy for Betty and I. We will give him hugs and kisses from you.
Ken — July 28, 2012

* * *
Hi Donna, the pet health record came in today's mail, thanks. Casey is doing fine, we take the crate to our bedroom and he made it through the night on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with no problem or accidents. Our family loves him, our son and one daughter and grandchildren visited on Sunday and all went well. Going out Sunday afternoon to the birthday party also went well. We will keep you posted on his progress, so far everything has been perfect.
* * *

Congrats "Casey" on finding not only a Wonderful & Loving Mommy & Daddy and your "Forever Home" but an extended family with many grandkids to run and play with.

Ken & Betty Shaw — Yardley, PA
July 2012




Daisy —
Working To Become a Therapy Dog!


 Daisy   Click Picture to Enlarge
Update: I always wanted a little Yorkie named Daisy and when I found her on your website I just had to have this precious little girl. I have been volunteering at a children's hospital working with my "shih tzu" as a therapy dog. However I myself have just recently recovered from cancer and find it difficult to carry my little dog. Daisy is so little and so intelligent (beautiful too) that I believe with a little work and some training I will be able to get back to volunteering and bringing joy to so many children. Sometimes little dogs visiting are the only way a child can relate to an animal as many of these children spend months and months at a time away from their home. I have high hopes for Daisy.
She has adjusted very well to her new environment and her older brothers. She does however like to let them know that even though she is the smallest, they can't get away with anything as she is boss.
Thank you Donna for naming her "Daisy" and for bringing her into my life. She is a joy.
Will keep in touch — Christine
March - June, 2012

Congratulations "Daisy" on finding a Wonderful & Loving Family, your new "Forever Home" and "Good Luck" as you work to become the next little loving therapy dog. .

Christine Greco & Family
Croton on Hudson, NY — February 2012




Amazing Little Girl —
so happy Lily & Me!


'Pixs of Lily ... just being Lily'
Update: Good Morning, It has been a while since we talked hope everything is ok with you and your family. Lily is growing up so fast she weighs 4.4 and is the most beautiful girl. I am at work and will write later just wanted you to know shots are completed she did fine except the last distemper ran a bit of a fever with chills. However, the next morning she was fine and back to normal. She plays and plays and chews and chews and kisses me all of the time. She loves toilet paper rolls and our house has become baby proof once more. She is my baby doll and forever friend ... talk to you soon ... just an update on my baby girl.

I got the perfect picture to show you how beautiful Lily is wait till you see this one ... Merry Christmas and thank you for the most treasured girl you gave me.

Now that Lily is just over the 4# mark the vet allowed me to spay Lily. She is doing well and keeps her cone on without much fuss.
Rosemary — December 20, 2012

'Lily and Rosemary'
 Lilly   Click Picture to Enlarge
Update: My little love bug likes to get cozy in the craziest places my husband's gym bag clean stuff of course lol. She is a wonderful little companion!! Hope your Mother's Day was a good one.
Talk to you soon — Rosemary — May 15, 2012

* * *
Update: Just to let you know you raised an amazing little girl I sing the clean up song and she runs around picking up all of her toys for the toy box and drags them in one by one.   She even took my tea towel and put that in too!!!!

We are so happy Lily and me!!

* * *
Loving every minute she is adjusting beautifully!!!!! Pooped outside ... LOL I think it was a mistake. Loved meeting with you and will recommend you to everyone.

Congratulations "Lily" on finding a Wonderful & Loving Mommy and your new & comfy "Forever Home".

Rosemary Bennington & Family — Bethlehem, PA
April 2012




... LEILA ...
an Amazing Little Lady


Leila at 2-1/2 years — A gorgeous girl like her mom, GiGi Leila just turned 2 years this January 28th ... A Real Beauty!
'My Visit to Freehold, NJ'
Update: I had the privelege of traveling to Tobi's house during the holidays. It was so great to see just how beautiful Leila has become. She is a precious little sweetheart that is playful and loving. Thank you Tobi for allowing me the opportunity to witness in person the results of the puppies I breed ... Take care and Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!
'Leila living in Freehold, NJ'
'Leila living in Freehold, NJ'
  Leila-May Leila
Update: Leila has made herself right at home in Freehold, NJ with Tobi. She is looking very relaxed and comfy ... and she looks sooo happy too! Tobi tells me Leila is going to the groomers soon so it will be nice to see before and after pictures! LOL :)

I will talk to you soon — Tobi — May 26 - June 6, 2012

* * *

Tobi tells me what a 'little lady' Leila is. She did well at her holistic vet visit with flying colors and Layla went to the hair salon with Tobi and again such a perfect little lady. Everyone there loved her.

Congratulations "Leila" on finding a wonderfully Holistic Mommy and your beautiful Forever home.

Tobi Kirsch & Family — Freehold, NJ
April 2012




Happy we were able to Find You —
As our "Breeder!


Guko Xmas Eve 2012.JPG
Darielly and Goku on Christmas Eve 2012
Goku 8-2012.JPG

Guko Gizmo Goku
Click Pictures to Enlarge
Update: Donna, How are you?? I hope all is well!! How are the new little pups doing?? Well I'm here to update you on our little boy. I don't know if I told you but my husband and daughter started to calling him Goku. He had his third combo vaccines and last Saturday he had his rabies. I'm very cautious so Next Saturday he will get the Lyme disease one and after that I will be taking him outside. There are just so many deer in my area I'm afraid to have him going to the park and running around. We take him out in front of our house but only for a little since the 91 degree weather doesn't help. He is potty trained!!! Yay!!! He will play and jump when he has to go, he will run to his crate or playpen and go. We have recently started to let him lose around the house and he does pretty good. He will have an accident here and there but nothing continuously. He got groomed last week and they cut his hair really short. He still has the puppy haircut in the face though. I might be rethinking that grooming place because it seems they didn't give him water.

I am sending you pictures so you can see him. He is soooo cute!!! He sure does let us know when someone walks in the house. He starts barking.

Took a photo this morning. My 2 kids snuck into my bed early this morning. I didn't even feel them or noticed till I woke up and saw them. It was too cute So I took a pic.

Take care Donna and thanks for everything.

Joanna — June 10, 2012

* * *
Donna, I am beyond happy that I was able to find you. You are the definition of an excellent breeder. We love our little guy and will give him nothing but love. Thanks to you I am also learning new things and doing the best to care for Guko. We had a bad experience in the past but you gave us hope that not all breeders are alike. Thank you once again for providing us with a new addition to our Family. I know that not only are you a breeder but you are a friend and I know will always be there to help me with any questions. Thank you for everything.

Congratulations "Guko" on finding your forever home with the Vergara Family.

Joanna Vergara & Family — Centreville, VA
April 2012




Happy Chanukah!


Pebbles 2 yrs. old (a HollingberryYorkie), living in Furlong, Pa.
Update: Hi Donna, just wanted to send you new pic of Pebbles. She is now 2 years old. Is she gorgeous or what? Also very soon I will be looking for one more puppy from you ...a male and a little smaller than pebbles maybe 4 pounds so please let me know about your new puppies arriving. Best. ...
Natalie — July 11, 2013

'Pebbles a/k/a Bubbles from GiGi First Litter'
Update: Hello Donna, Happy Holidays! I want to send you some pictures of my baby/princess Pebbles but I lost your emai. Can you please respond to my email! Just want to tell you many thanks for this dog ... she is the best thing that happen to us. Our family loves her so much can't even explain! ...
Natalie Dubinsky — December 31, 2012

'Bubbles' with new mommy Natalie, living in Furlong, Pa.

Natalie Dubinsky has been searching long and hard for a sweet Yorkie to love. She is currently celebrating Chanukah and will be updating her thoughts. I spoke with her yesterday and Natalie tells me how "Bubbles" has brought so much joy to her family, how well she is adjusting and how good she is with company.

Happy Chanukah, Natalie, to you and your Family!

Congratulations "Bubbles" on finding your wonderful "Forever Home" and "Beautiful Family".
Natalie Dubinsky — Furlong, Pa
December 2011




Oh Donna ...
You're the Best!


Update: I'm always available for a reference for you, I have nothing but GREAT things to say. Now, for my little boy, he is my best friend (and I think Vicks too). We cater to him as if he is a child, complete with spoiling him. He is extremely jealsous of the cat, but they get along very well. She will chase him around the house just to keep him quiet, but then when she's had enough (shes old but still has some spunk left in her), she just plops her big self down and watches Scholar run back and forth trying to agitate her.

Thanks for everything, your prayers, concerns and for being a GREAT breeder!!!

Romona & Vick — June 10, 2012

* * *
I met a breeder who provided me a beautiful intelligent purebred yorkie, who's name is Scholar. The breeder's name is Donna, scholar's 1st mommi and now my friend. Donna breeds yorkies, because she loves yorkies, it shows in her walk, talk and character. Our freindship grew because her heart reached out to me and my deep desire to own one of her pups. She preped me, schooled me and cared for my concerns, she keeps in touch with me, laughs and crys with me. I found a breeder who loves her dogs as much as I love mine. Thanks Donna

* * *
"Scholar" is Sweetpea Blue a/k/a Clark and is the little guy that unfortunately Julie was unable to care for. However, he is now called "Scholar" and living with and being loved by his new mommy, Ramona.

Congratulations Scholar on finding your wonderful new mommy and your "forever home"

* * *
Oh Donna, you are the best, l believe his name will be "scholar" since he's so smart. Thank you for training him thus far. About the pictures you took of us: ohhhhh ... so cute ... (and I don't look half bad either!!!) ... nice job taking the pictures, I usually don't take pictures well. It is now my official wallpaper. Thanks again.

A proud mommi for Scholar
Ramona Davis — Darby, Pa.
October 2011




I Couldn't Have Wanted a —
More Perfect Companion


Maddy is an Angel ... she's my perfect little girl. Never could I have imagined having and owning such a sweet dog. She has perfect manners, is very quiet, does her potty perfectly, is sweet, loving and extremely playful. She's everything I could have ever wanted in a dog.

Here's my story: I'm seventy (70 years young) and moved from NJ to Glen Mills, Pa. to be close to family. I'm living in a condo and find myself extremely lonely. I always loved dogs and so I decided to buy Hollingberry's Sweetpea Blue which I named Munchkin. A sweet little boy he was, "a cuddler", however due to my age I was unable to care for training such a young little guy. After only one week, I had to call Donna and explain the situation to her and told her I could no longer keep him because I was unable. I was so heartbroken when Donna came to retrieve him. She was so good to me saying she totally understood. We kept in touch and Donna knowing how lonely and sad I was offered me an older girl that was already fully trained. Donna brought her out to my house with all wonderful toys and other items in a puppy bag. Well, when I saw how beautiful she was, I couldn't believe my eyes. She's gorgeous and everyone tells me so! The best thing is "she's perfect". She sleeps in my bed and gives me constant distraction from my woes with her playfulness. She's so much fun to watch, to take walks with and to play with. She's my Angel but I call her Maddy.

Donna and I have contracted that should I ever be unable to care for "Maddy" properly, she will again retrieve her and either keep or rehome this sweet girl. Never could I have found either a more perfect companion or a more perfect breeder, Donna, who is now my new friend. She even promised she will periodically come out for a visit to make sure everything is well with both me and Maddy.

Julie O'Rourke — Glen Mills, Pa.
October 2011




Excellent Addition —
to our "Family"!


Update: I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful dog Boomer is. He loves all of the kids and watches over all of them. He loves to play with little Michael. The baby wakes up every morning and says where's Boomer? It's so cute. At night he cuddles up and sleeps with our oldest daughter Anna who is afraid to sleep by herself, not anymore! As for me and Boomer we have our special time together early in the morning before the kids wake up and our crazy days begin. I will send some pictures really soon! Hope all is well with you and all the puppies!

* * *
Good morning Donna! We are all so much in love with Boomer. The girls are taking such GREAT care of him...I think he is already spoiled. He did cry for a half and hour last night when we put him to bed but then he stop and I didn't hear anything until 5am . He has sat on my lap most of the morning while I've been doing some paper work.

Gina Kuglin & Family — Asbury, NJ
October 2011




Click to See—
Additional Pictures


Heidi Collage-1.jpg

Heidi with her new Afghan — Enjoy!

Update:   Just wanted to touch base and give you an update on our beautiful Heidi. She's doing great. We went to "Woofstock" yesterday (a large annual outdoor fundraising event for the Animal Orphanage) and Heidi was great. Ken's 88 year old third cousin from California ... crocheted a little afghan specifically for Heidi. I'll send more pix as we are able to get them. Heidi doesn't care much for sitting still to pose ... LOL. Take care.                                Ken and Linda — September 2012

Heidi, Sweetheart #2

Happy 1st Birthday — HEIDI

Update:   Heidi was so excited to get her special gift and birthday card from her first "Mom". The love and care you gave her will shape her life forever and we are grateful. Thanks so much and we will stay in touch. Thanks for the gifts and the prayers.    Linda — February 11, 2012

Click thumbnail images to Enlarge
Heidi1 Heidi2 Heidi Heidi
Hi Donna — Heidi is doing great. She now is the boss and Ken, Maggie and I have become used to her "authority". You can see she has a bow in her hair for the pix. We can put it in if she is supervised as she still loves to vacuum and eat anything she can reach. Hope all is well with you. We wrote you a poem to say thank you.

She slipped into our family
Like a hand into a glove
Thank you Donna with all our hearts
For giving us Heidi to love

We'll stay in touch. Happy Thanksgiving! — Nov. 2011

* * *
Hi Donna — We actually had a pretty good night. Heidi and Maggie played all afternoon ... she barely closed her eyes. My husband is a soft touch and she slept in our bed snuggled between us. She woke us up only once. The only time she cried is when we put her in the kitchen ... which we must slowly increase the time so she can be left alone. We are never out of the house for long. We absolutely L-O-V-E her. She is asleep on my lap right now. Maggie loves her too. Her full name is Hollingberry's Heidi Ho av min hjarta (which is Swiss for Heidi Ho of my heart.) She is so wonderful and has truly completed our family. I will send pix as things calm down. It's like having a newborn in the house.

We can't thank you enough. The whole experience with you was wonderful. Our little girl was loved and cared for from day one and we will happily continue the great care that you started. Thanks again.

Linda, Ken & (Maggie) — Voorhees, New Jersey
May 2011



Excellent Breeder —
Christmas Dream Came True!




Melvin Nov. 3, 2010.jpg
Update: Hi Donna, Romeo is doing great. He has brought so much joy into our lives. He is a very smart and affectionate dog. I will send you a picture when I get a chance tonight. Thank you

Take care.

Sonia — May 7, 2012

* * *

Thank you Donna for making my daughter's Christmas special. We named Melvin, Romeo. He has adjusted well. We all loved him. Romeo is so intelligent, he already knows not to go uptairs and is being a real good boy. I will send you pictures soon. He is doing well. Once again thank you.

Sonia & Sabrina R.— NE Phila., Pa.
December 2010






Trustworthy Breeder —
Would Highly Recommend



Update: Very Sad News ... Little Ace tragically went over the Rainbow Bridge way too soon.         (April 21, 2010 ~ July 3, 2012)

Pam reports Ace was having what she thought was reverse sneezing ... but it didn't stop. Ace had a temperature and swollen glands and tonsils. read more

* * *
Update: I thought you might enjoy hearing and seeing how fantastic your little boy has turned out! Raising two puppies at the same time was quite the challenge, but I'm happy to say it's worked out just fine in the end. My husband and I consider them our "kiddos" since all of our real ones are grown and out of the house (and still no marriages or grandkids)... and yes, they are a tad bit spoiled! Ace is quite the character! He's still very animated and tries so hard to understand what is said to him ... he has continued that cute habit of tilting his head whenever someone speaks to him. I keep him in a modified Yorkie cut ... it's not as short as a puppy cut, but it's not the full Yorkie look. Him and Annabelle have a standing once a month grooming appointment. I'm fortunate in that I have a wonderful groomer that only lives 2 miles from my home.

Well, take care ... I'm sure you're busy with all your puppies.

Best, Pam — Jan. 2012

* * *

I'm a very happy owner of a Hollingberry Yorkie. Our sweet boy is very smart and has an outstanding personality. Playful demeanor, but also very cuddly and loving. He has the cutest little face, with the most expressive eyes ... they just melt your heart! You won't find a breeder who takes better care or loves her puppies more. They are home raised and it absolutely shows. If you want a quality puppy, that embodies the Yorkie standard, you can't go wrong with a Hollingberry Yorkie.

Pam P.— Cincinnati, Ohio
September 2010




Amazing Breeder



I'm so happy with my little guy, he is very well socialize, he was already potty trained to go outside, and he is breathtakingly beautiful. A quality Yorkie all the way. So if you're on the fence take that leap you won't be sorry. Gizmo is my perfect boy.

Beth Jayne — Meshoppen, Pa.
July 2010



Absolutely Thrilled



Chester living in Philadelphia, Pa. with Cathi Vazquez

"Hola Donna — I just wanted to send you a current picture of "Chester". He is now called 'Chico'. Chico is growing nicely and has adjusted well to living with my two very active boys. We couldn't want a more playful companion. He is everything we could have hoped for and thank you for helping us choose the perfect family pet. Personally I would like to thank you for the excellent start he had with litter training, he took to it right away. In the past we had trouble training our previous dog to go outside but now with the indoor litter box Chico is able to go as he needs and this is very helpful in him not having indoor accidents. Its been a blessing!

Cathi Vazquez — Phila., Penna.
October 2009




Great "Study Buddy"



Mandy Living on College Campus, Phila., Pa.

As a college student I really need a break sometimes and Mandy keeps me laughing. LOL" Living on campus, going to school and demands can be very stressful, but coming home to this little cutie is the best. She loves attention and will sit close by while I'm studying or doing a paper. She's fairly quiet most of the time as visitors are a constant since Mandy's popularity has grown and with all the attention she now gets I think she will be extremely spoiled by the time I graduate! Thanks for everything, she's extremely sweet, affectionate, playful, cuddly and a "Great Study Buddy". She's the sunshine behind these gloomy books!

LeAnn M.— Phila., Pa.
September 2009




I Love My New Companion!



Marta Living with Elizabeth in a Center City Highrise, Phila., Pa.

Since I live alone, there is no one other than myself to help with puppy training and therefore my thanks go out to Hollingberry Yorkies for giving my little girl the best early start possible which included indoor litter training. As she was a little older when I got her at 13 weeks, she already was accustomed to going indoors on grass mats designed for indoor litter training. I can't explain how thankful I am for that since my job requires me to sometimes work long hours. I keep Marta enclosed in my kitchen area with a baby gate and her potty. I never have a worry about having to stay a little later since I know she will be fine and delighted to see me when I get home. Never do I have to scold her for accidents. There are virtually none and this gives me the opportunity to have only positive time with her. I also just took her to the vet and everything is great. She's growing beautifully, she's healthy and I feed her, on recommendation from the breeder, only holistic foods. I use to dread coming home to an empty apartment, but now life is so much happier and its really nice to be greeted by someone who is always delighted to see me. No complaints about me working late ... just happy to see me and kisses galore. Life is great! Thank you for my sweet baby girl!

Elizabeth N.— Phila., Pa.
September 2009




"Doing Great And Back To Himself "



15 year old family cat named Gus

"I saved my cat's life by changing his diet".  Gus had multiple UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections) that continued to worsen, despite medications & prescription food. Read his story how diet change has saved his life and why you may want to consider how you feed your puppy. See his story here!

Update: Gus has recently crossed over the "Rainbow Bridge". He was an amazing 19+ years. His diet extended his years beyond what was expected from the vet many years back. This sweet little guy gave actual hugs and talked to me when he wanted something. He was so much like a dog, as he came when you called him and played when I wanted. So untypical of most cats. Gus you were one-in-a-million and I'll always hold you dear in my heart.

Hollingberry Staff

Gus & Phil 8-25-2012.jpg

Tribute to Gus 19 yrs. Donna



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