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Bill of Sale/Purchase Receipt
Health Guarantee/Certification

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HollingberryYorkies' Chester.jpg
"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort" -- John Ruskin

HollingberryYorkies is dedicated to providing the finest Yorkshire Terriers to you, our customers. We stand behind every puppy and can honestly say we are proud of our pedigree puppies whether you are looking for a sweet companion (limited registration) or if you are looking for "show potential". Breeders looking to obtain one of our fine champion line pups will be considered only after thoroughly being interviewed.

Bill of Sale / Purchase Receipt

HollingberryYorkies' Chester.jpg
Hollingberry Yorkies — Bill of Sale

Hollingberry Yorkies  has received a deposit of $500.00 paid on 00/00/20___ with a balance payment due $0,000 to be paid on or before 00/00/20___.

This account has been satisfied of all monies due on 00/00/20___ in the amount of $__________.

AKC Yorkshire Terrier puppy (your puppy's name) AKC registration papers together with miscellaneous items listed below were given over to the new owner(s) ________________________________ as of today's date.

_____________________________________ Date: ________________
Donna Roch
c/o HollingberryYorkies

"Great Beginnings" — Puppy Gift Bag
Checklist (items given to "Buyer")

_________   Bill of Sale / Receipt

_________   Health Certification / Guarantee

_________   Vet / Medical Records (immunizations / worming)

_________   AKC Official Registration Form

_________   Photocopy of Parents — Pedigrees (if available)

_________   Puppy Photos [Documenting Growth]

_________   Nutrical or similar product (low blood sugar supplement)

_________   Transitional Puppy Food

_________   Small Toy, Puppy Collar, Hair Bow or Clip

_________   Indoor Litter Training Grass Mat (optional — additional $60 ea.)

_________   List of Dangerous Foods / Household Products

_________   Basic Care for your New Puppy

_________   AKC Informational Packet (if available)

Click to go to "Health Guarantee"

These are the actual copies of the "Forms" we use —
"Health Certification" and "Bill of Sale"
Above documentation updated with puppy picture (if available) and information relevant to this purchase.

Health Certification / Guarantee

Health Guarantee for _____________
Of Hollingberry Yorkies
HollingberryYorkies' Chester.jpg
D.O.B.  --  June 23, 2008

           This Health Certification is expressly given to ___________________, is non-transferable and no rights will be assumed by anyone other than the aforementioned.

           As of _______________, 20___, the above-mentioned puppy, _________, an AKC full-bred Yorkshire Terrier has received all up-to-date immunizations/worming based on his/her departure age [a copy of these records will be turned over upon receipt of your puppy], has been vet checked and found to be in sound health as of this date. To the best of my knowledge __________ is in excellent health. All of his medical records together with his AKC registration papers will be turned over to you at the time of purchase. Should you need to have your puppy shipped via air or ground transport (door to door), all papers will then be mailed to you with signature request, thereby guaranteeing your receipt of same.

           For your own peace of mind, I advise having __________ examined by your vet within 48 hours after purchase. Should your vet find __________ unfit for sale within this 48 hour time frame, he/she may be returned at Hollingberry Yorkies expense for a full refund of the purchase price $0,000.00. However, the status of unfit for sale will need to be documented by a licensed vet on their letterhead detailing the health of the puppy as unfit (a phone inquiry may also be made to the vet by Hollingberry Yorkies to confirm said documentation) -- meaning (life threatening or severely ill). In no way will the buyer claim unfit due to any injury or illness contracted after the initial purchase or during any shipping process. Please contact the seller at 215-743-4258 should a claim arise. (Details will be given as to how and what needs to be done to return said puppy to fulfill this guarantee.)

           To prevent hip and joint problems, we ask that you DO NOT take your dog running or have him doing joint stressing exercises until he is at least one year of age. This includes: exercising on hard unyielding surfaces, continuous running, repetitive jumping, training in competitive dog sports or any activity that may cause injury to young bones.

NOTE: Young bones do not entirely calcify until 12 months of age. Overstressing joints at a young age can cause joint problems such as hip dysplasia and will void guarantee.

           Additionally, this health guarantee will only be honored if the puppy has not be abused or involved in any type of accident causing the puppy to incur internal damage, broken bones, bruising etc. The dog must also be provided a proper diet with moderate exercise and not allowed to become overweight for this guarantee to stay in effect.

           This guarantee covers your puppy for TWO (2) year against fatal/life threatening congenital or genetic diseases. If a claim should arise Hollingberry Yorkies will replace the puppy with another of equivalent value within a reasonable time limit suitable to the buyer and seller depending upon litter availability. Said puppy will need to be returned (at our expense) together with any and all medical records and registration papers for replacement or reimbursement to take place. Should the buyer decide to forego a new puppy, the buyer will only be entitled to 50% of the original purchase price.

         PLEASE NOTE: Congenital and genetic diseases which are not life threatening and do not adversely affect the health of the animal are not covered by this guarantee. — These include localized demodex mange, grade 1-2 heart murmurs, luxating patellas, cherry eye, localized mange, bladder stones, inverted eye-lids, inverted tails, testicle problems.

         Hollingberry Yorkies would like to thank you for purchasing __________. Our mission is to provide a healthy, happy and well socialized pet that will give you the owner many enjoyable years of love and companionship. Please sign below stating you have read and are in complete agreement with said health guarantee for your new puppy, ________. A copy of this agreement will be sent or faxed for your signature and will be returned to Hollingberry Yorkies prior to the payment balance due. Should you not wish to honor this contract, it will be interpreted as you no longer wanting one of our puppies, and all contracts of nature will be null and void. The puppy will be re-listed as "Available" and you will forfeit your deposit.

To the Buyer: I have read and am in full agreement with this health guarantee and understand everything herein and if not I have asked the seller to explain those parts not understood.

_______________________________________________ Date: _____________
(Signature of Buyer)

Shipping Options

Shipping / Payment / Privacy Policy


Hollingberry Yorkies will ship anywhere in the continental United States. We air deliver puppies via the quickest route possible, which allows the puppies to arrive at their destination fresh & alert, finding this to be a very safe method of transportation. A "Great Beginnings" puppy gift pack will also be included. Door-to-Door Delivery is an optional delivery method we use. (see below)

We always take weight and age into consideration prior to shipping including imminent weather conditions. Hollingberry™ will stay in touch with you should there be a need to hold your Yorkie puppy as a result of such unforeseen circumstances. Your puppy's health & welfare is our primary goal and want to make sure he/she will arrive safely.

Door-to-Door delivery is also available for your puppy anywhere in the continental United States via ground carrier for those who do not wish to fly their puppy. This method may take a little longer than air delivery and the cost is roughly the same as Air. This is the preferable method for puppies that are at the lower end of the weight spectrum. We have access to two different services, one is an elderly couple who enjoys traveling and uses their own SUV. They will either crate or personally hold your little puppy while traveling. The other is a company that transports using a trailer specially designed to transport your puppy. Visit their website here.

The choice is yours when it comes to delivery of your puppy.
Please let us know ASAP so arrangements can be made in a timely fashion.
As always, the safe delivery of your precious pup is our primary goal and our reputation stands behind each puppy we sell.

. . . I'M FLYING HIGH . . .

Payment Methods

If you are interested in purchasing one of our puppies you may do so by using our contact page. At that time we may request additional information regarding interests & requirements for choosing a puppy from our Nursery. If you are entertaining the idea of competitions — that too we can help you with. Every puppy's personality is unique just as every family or person is and we want to make sure your yorkie puppy will become a true member of your household.

We accept all major credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express together with Debit cards and Checking Accounts using PayPal. A 3% fee will be added to your total to pay PayPal's fee. For those not interested in using PayPal, we do accept cash, personal checks and US Bank Money Orders; however, all checks and money orders will have to be cleared at least four (4) weeks in advance of puppy being shipped. This method helps to protect us against fraud.

Please call 1-215-743-4258 to request a PayPal invoice to make your Non-Refundable Deposit or call us should you have any additonal questions. If you place a deposit using PayPal I will immediately place your name next to the puppy you choose and list it as "Sold". The full balance must be paid prior to your puppy being delivered or shipped to you, including any checks or money orders clearing at least four (4) weeks prior.

Cancellation or failure to make full payment prior to releasing or shipping your puppy will be construed as a contractual break and any and all monies will be retained by us and said puppy will be relisted. Therefore we urge you to give serious thought prior to placing your deposit. Only inquire and place deposit if you are certain of your purchase.

Privacy Policy

Contact information including email addresses, telephone numbers, residential addresses, etc. which are provided by our customers are used solely for the purpose of completing this order. Financial information including credit card numbers and expiration dates are never required or requested as all deposits / payments are made through PayPay's safe and secure website.

Click to go to "Contact Us"


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